Algoplex I

2017 / 2019

Algoplex I is an interactive installation that presents the viewer with an opportunity to explore an algorithmic playground using a custom made controller โ€“ the Light Cube. Users are invited to twist and turn the Light Cube. These rotations are mapped to color changes in the cube itself, as well as projected digital graphics.

In our 2019 version of the installation, we upgraded the piece to include sound and a glowing pedestal that the cube can be placed on to change "scenes". The cube can be played like an instrument through twists, turns and shakes.

This piece includes an element of mystery โ€”ย what exactly is in the cube? Maybe the algorithmic world projected before the viewer represents some hidden world within the cube itself.

Sound design by Mick Marchan.

All photo by Fritz Rodriguez.
All photo by Fritz Rodriguez.
All photos by Fritz Rodriguez.